Anouille Plus

We’ve been having a lot of food fun the past few days… Our friend Dorrie and her son Jordan are down visiting from Boston – and that means getting to cook even more food than we usually do!

We had planned on going over to Victor’s brother’s house for the 4th – they’re out of town and have a pool – but the weather just wasn’t cooperating, so… we just BBQ’d at home. Hot dogs, burgers, ribs, three different types of sausages… It was yummy. Of course I cooked a bit too much… So…

Last night I decided to just do a bit of a clean out the ‘fridge dinner… I took the leftover sausages – andouille, chorizo, and spicy Italian – and sliced them up. I fried up a bunch of onions and mixed peppers, and added tomatoes and lots of chipotle pepper and cumin. I then grilled a couple of chicken breasts and added them to the pot.

Boiled up some egg noodles, and voila! Dinner was served!

It was spicy hot without being 5 alarm, and we had some crusty bread to sop up the sauce. Simple and satisfying.

Dessert was a snap… We just got in puff pastry at work, so I baked off a sheet and after it came out of the oven, i split it in two. Earlier, I took some raspberries and sprinkled a bit of brandy over them.

I whipped up some cream, spread half on the pastry, added the raspberries, more cream, and then the top. Can we say “Yummy” boys and girls?!?

I have a whole chicken marinating in the ‘fridge for tomorrow…..