That few minutes yesterday really paid off today! Dinner took 15 minutes from start to finish!

The herb-marinated chicken came out great! All of the herbs – and the wine – were present, but none of them overpowered the flavor of the chicken. Starting with good chicken is the key. It seems that most times when one buys that massed produced commercial chicken nowadays, it’s so flavorless that if you don’t marinate or add some sort of sauce, you end up with a blah bird on your plate. A free range organic bird may cost more, but it’s the difference between eating at McDonald’s or eating at Le Bec-Fin. It’s worth it.

To round out the dinner was a tortellini dish that tomorrow will make a great cold salad. While cooking up the tortellini, I cooked up some onions, garlic, Italian peppers, and mushrooms, and then added roasted tomatoes in oil, kalamata olives, and roasted red peppers. I then mixed the tortellini in with the veggies and called it good!

Who says they don’t have time to cook?!?