Birthday Dinner

Happy Birthday To Me! And what a fun birthday it has been!

It’s been a crazy few days around our house… Wednesday, Victor had surgery on his foot. He had a Retro-Calcaneal Right Heal Exostectomy… Roughly translated, he had a bone spur on his heal that had gone around his achilles’ tendon and they had to go in, cut the achilles’ tendon, scrape a bunch of crud, and sew it (and him) back together. He’s in a knee-high cast for the next 4-6 weeks, and lots and lots of therapy after. He’s not exactly the most mobile person right now.

Yesterday, just to add a bit of misery to the household, I had a wisdom tooth pulled. We had already taken the time off to go up to New York to visit friends and celebrate the 34th anniversary of my 21st birthday.But… it was not to be.

Trust me… I would have rather been up there!

Fortunately, the surgery came out fine – as did the tooth. Between Victor’s vicodin and my percoset, things have been going swimmingly along. The house has been full of family and friends, the phone and doorbell have not stopped ringing – plants and flowers and chocolates and a huge Edible Fruit Bouquet… and even an ice cream birthday cake!

The house finally cleared out and I decided I wanted a nice birthday dinner – and since Victor is out of commission as a cook for a while, I headed off to the kitchen…

We made a great stilton and arugula soup at work last week and I bought the fixin’s thinking I’d make it at home. Instead, it became Chicken Breasts with a Caramelized Onion and Stilton Sauce served on a bed of sauteed Arugula and Baby Bella Mushrooms, topped with Caramelized Onions and Currants. Can you say “yummy” boys and girls?!?

I also made a classic pommes anna. Butter and potatoes. How decadent! It was just what the Doctor ordered.

It was one of those use every pan in the kitchen meals, but it was worth it!

And I made a Fresh Peach Pie for dessert…..

Happy Birthday, indeed!