Tonight is our annual ‘Easter Egg Coloring’ gala. Okay, ‘gala’ may be too strong of a word, but the Saturday before Easter, Victor’s family comes over and we all color eggs, eat pizza, and generally make a mess and have fun. In theory, it’s for the little kids. In reality, the adults enjoy it even more.

There’s 40 hard cooked eggs in the ‘fridge, and a couple dozen more uncooked. Easter Pies are made, so what to do with all those extra eggs? A breakfast frittata, of course!


We usually just have our cereal in the mornings, so a hot, cooked, Saturday breakfast is always a treat.

I crumbled up some Italian sausage and cooked it with some asparagus and a small onion. Mixed up the eggs with a bit of S&P and garlic powder. Into the pan, topped with cheese, and into a hot oven. Minutes later we were sitting down to a great breakfast – with toast and jelly on the side.


Now… what to do with 40 hard cooked eggs…..