It’s pretty much once in a lifetime that one gets to participate in a Guinness Book World Record, but when we learned of Darcelle XV Showplace trying to set the record for the longest continuous Drag Performance, we knew we had to go!

The criterion is quite strict. There had to be a minimum of 25 people in the audience at all times. The show had strict time limits for emcees and announcements. Performers had set times. And all was regulated by Guinness Inspectors who were there for the entire 48 hours. there was no problem with the audience numbers – it was sold out for the entire 48 hours!

Tickets were sold for 2-hour sets. Ours were for 1pm-3pm on the last day – with 3pm to 4pm as the Grand Finale. We tried, but those tickets were sold out immediately.

The Official Record is now 48 hours, 11 minutes, and 30 seconds!

Darcelle XV – aka Walter Cole – holds the Guinness Record for Worlds Oldest Performing Drag Queen. The record was set in 2016 when she was just shy of 86 and and she performed continually until she passed in March. 2023

We have visited Darcelle’s many times and have always had a great time. It’s an experience everyone should have. A sight to behold was Darcelle performing Rhinestone Cowboy in Rhinestone Chaps – a 92 year old bare ass is definitely something you don’t forget!

The talent and energy of the performers is astounding, and many of the performers seem like old family friends, Poison Waters, Cassie Nova, Mr Mitchell… Great fun, indeed.

And the energy of the performers 45 hours into the record was phenomenal.

The pictures don’t even begin to do justice to the costumes, the make-up, the hair, the shoes – and how ANYONE can dance non-stop across a stage in stilettos is a miracle in and of itself. It was enough to exhaust Tina Turner!

Another great benefit of the Drag-A-Thon was raising over $290,000.00 for The Trevor Project! They provide information & support to LGBTQ 
young people 24/7, all year round. If you would like to donate, please mention Darcelle XV Drag-A-Thon for them to get credit!

While there probably won’t be a repeat of the Drag-A-Thon any time soon, I do encourage all of you to go and visit a drag club near you.

With draconian legislation being passed by Republicans across the country, Drag performers need our support right now, more than ever.

Do your part and have fun doing it!