What to do when the weather is cold, windy, and wet?!? Why… gather some siblings and spouses and head south to Baja California Sur. Or, more specifically, Cabo San Lucas!

I was in Cabo about 45 years ago when I worked for Hyatt. I flew down with a couple of guys I worked with and we got our free rooms and more than our fair share of free tequila. it was before the advent of the all-inclusive resort, but hotel employees always took care of other hotel employees.

It was a sleepy fishing village just on the verge of becoming a huge resort still focusing on sport fishing and tequila back then. Today, it’s all-inclusive resorts, golf, spas – and tequila!

The area has changed so much I really didn’t recognize anything – other than the absolutely gorgeous Sea of Cortez, It’s just stunning.

This is sunrise from our hotel beach, taken by Victor.

And sunset on a sunset cruise…

We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Blanco.


Here’s an early morning shot from our balcony… It’s rough waking up to palm trees and a sea breeze…

These were the only early morning shots we did… While tequila was offered at breakfast, we did not partake. We have standards. We waited until at least 11! Well… maybe 10:30.

The food was really good – a lot of traditional Mexican foods with a slightly spiced-down  American twist. They did serve a house-made habanero sauce that perked things up a bit, though. Our first night was steak and lobster…

Cooked to perfection! They did great presentations…

We did the requisite touristy things and took a tour to Todos Santos.

Bought some fun souvenirs, ate great food, and had a great tour guide who answered a particular question for me… My memory is very vague and fuzzy about that that first trip – I was only about 25 or 26 at the time – but back when I first visited Cabo, I thought it was a quick drive into town, but it took us about 30 minutes from the airport to the hotel. He said there is an airport probably less than 10 minutes from town that is now a regional airport where I most likely landed. I’m not sure if we flew in from San Diego or Tijuana, but the only ID we needed was a drivers license. Customs took seconds to pass through and on to the next flight.

As for the hotel… It doesn’t exist, anymore. All the old hotels and resorts have been torn down or remodeled and expanded beyond recognition. Hyatt now has 5 or 6 properties down there under various brands… But the more I think of it, the more it seems it was south of the marina. It was an easy walk into town.

But back to the present…

My Dermatologist will be very proud of me when I see him on Thursday! I wore my SPF 50 Sun Shirt in the pool the whole time we were there! No sunburn for this kid!

A good time was had by all!

In a few weeks we’re off to San Francisco. being retired is good!