It’s impossibleTell the sun to leave the skyIt’s just impossibleIt’s impossibleAsk a baby not to cryIt’s just impossible …

It’s also impossible not to really like old recipes.

I took some ground beef out of the freezer, this morning, without a real plan for it. I decided to check out my Mom’s Cookbook for a bit of inspiration since she could stretch a pound of ground beef like no other! One of the many things she used to make were the Bisquick Impossible Pies. And that struck a bell.

I had all the ingredients I needed, so off I went!

My filling version was a bit different – I used different cheeses, added some roasted corn, and used a different sauce in place of the taco mix – but the concept was there! That’s the beauty of these things – the only constants are the milk. eggs, and Bisquick.

These things really are fun. This one had a spicy filling with lots of cheese – and a light and delicate crust that balanced everything.

It’s been a really long time since I made one – and I won’t wait that long, next time!

A fun accompaniment was a beer from Gigantic Brewing, here in Portland. It’s Darcelle Blonde IPA – named after Darcelle XV – who holds the Guinness World Record for being ‘The World’s Oldest Performing Drag Queen’.  She is fabulous – and a wonderful person.

From their website: Darcelle is frequently introduced on stage as ‘The Bold, The Blonde, and The Beautiful,’ so when it came to developing the flavor profile for our collaboration beer, we knew exactly where to go. We used locally grown Cashmere and Luminosa hops to be apropos as well as to create a bright and tropical IPA with mango, candied orange peel, and peach notes.

It’s all that – and more. It’s a really excellent brew! It will be adorning our family table on St Paddy’s Day!

It’s all of that. and more. The extra-cool thing is proceeds from the Weirdtastic Series of beers are donated to “Weird Portland United“, a nonprofit that supports the artistic risk-takers that make our city weirdly wonderful.

I tell ya, I really do love being here. I love the fun, the weird, and the acceptance. I could go for a little less rain, but even the rain is a small price to pay for a real community!

It’s a limited addition, so come on out and get some, soon!