I know, I know…

I said I would be checking in on Wednesdays and today is Friday.

Naturally, I have excuses. Phillies baseball, of course. Rooting for them in the World Series has filled up a few hours of my time – not necessarily the hours I would generally be blogging, mind you – but I do have that knack for justifying things.

The second is I seem to have a slight fracture in my right foot.

Painful swelling, Urgent Care, and X-Rays later, it seems I most likely overdid it on the leg press.  Ooopsie!

I passed on the boot, have kept it elevated, watched it change all sorts of fun colors, take my aspirin – sadly, the Dr didn’t think Tramadol was necessary – and otherwise hobble around the house.

I missed this week with the trainer and will miss next week, as well. I won’t miss the leg press, however. It’s out of the repertoire.

The lack of exercise didn’t stop me from losing weight, however! I weighed in at 229.8 pounds on Wednesday, November 1st! 2.6 pounds is a little aggressive for a week – but only a little. I feel good and that’s the important thing.

That, and the fact that I fit into a pair of Levi 501’s I’ve had forever and have never been able to wear.

We’re eating well… and other than Friday night – for the first game of the Series when I totally overindulged – I’m staying within my 1840 kcal allotment.

Plain Greek yogurt and a banana most days for breakfast – mixing it up with steel cut oatmeal or maybe a couple of eggs – and smaller portions of leftovers for lunch – or a maybe a sandwich and chips. I’m definitely not starving.

I’m going to try and do some light exercises at home, but I find that in the house I’m a total sluggo – my lack of motivation is truly impressive.

Next week will tell the tale of whether I succeeded – or not.