Finally! Tomatoes and peppers are coming in! Black Krims, Brandywine, and an Oregon tomato are doing some serious producing. We pulled up the San Marzanos we planted – five plants – because of rot. Plum tomatoes just don’t seem to do well, here.

Oh, well.

The peppers – bell, anaheim, and jalapeño – are finally doing well, also. It’s taken all summer for them! The Thai peppers have lots of flowers, but I haven’t seen a lot of peppers, yet. there’s still time.

It’s great to sit out front on our new patio and look up at the garden… We have a whole new outdoor room to enjoy, and it’s great to look up and see where dinner came from!


Dinner, tonight, was a quick pasta dish with peppers, garlic, and tomatoes from the garden – along with fresh rosemary and oregano – white wine, shrimp, red onion, and salt and pepper. As basic as can be.

The tomatoes really shone through – they are just really flavorful – as only a homegrown tomato can be.



We’re hoping for a bunch more to ripen at the same time so we can make a bit more Tomato Paste – the true nectar of the gods.

Cross those fingers.

In the meantime, there’s still carrots and eggplant to go through! Lovin’ it!