After last year’s rather dismal season, I thought I’d read up on Gardening in the Pacific Northwest. I also thought that it might be nice to start more plants from seed, this year. I really wasn’t pleased with the plants we bought last year – time to try something different.

I started out with some seeds we have had for a few too many years – and none of them sprouted after 2 weeks, so… out to buy new, fresh seeds.

We have a skylight and flat surfaces in the bathroom, so it has become Gardening Central.

Right now, we have Onions that have already begun sprouting that I got from my brother. and Black Beauty Eggplant in the first seed starter tray. Next, we have San Marzano Tomatoes – from Italy – and Heirloom Beefsteak. The San Marzano seeds are a bit old, so I’m unsure of how they will do. I’ve planted extra Italian Roma‘s just in case. The next tray is all Italian Roma Tomatoes. If they take off, it will be some excellent sauce and paste!

The next tray has Green Zebra and Black Krim Tomatoes. These are seeds from back east and they’ve only been in for 3 days, so we shall see how they do. Finally, we have Red and Yellow Brandywine Tomatoes, and more Black Krim.

We have Radishes, Garlic, and Potatoes in the ground right now, and in a couple of weeks, Carrots will go in. In the middle of February, we’ll start the Hot Peppers indoors, and at the beginning of April we will be planting Green Bean, Carrot, and Beet seeds outdoors. And somewhere in there will be Lettuces

From their sprouting bins, they will be transplanted into individual 4″ pots where they will be nurtured until time to plant into the ground. I’m really hoping for a bumper crop of seedlings – we have my sister and plenty of nieces and nephews who all have gardens, so they will not go to waste.

The mosaic in the background was made by my Great Aunt Dolores back in the early ’60s. I’ve had it since the late ’80s. I love it – and if we ever redo the bathroom, I’d love to have it incorporated in a walk-in shower… [Note to self: Buy Lottery Ticket.]

So… we have a plan. May the gardening gods smile down upon us!