Our niece, Christine, made sushi for us, last night. Made, as in bought the fish, cooked the rice, and made every single piece of this right in front of us.




I’ve been eating sushi for years, but my knowledge of sushi is almost non-existent. I have a basic understanding of sushi vs sashimi, but that’s pretty much it, so last night’s feast was a education, taste, and sensory overload. The only thing I retained was just how fabulous it looked and tasted.

This was not your basic sushi floating by on a little boat.

Some of it was spicy with crunchy dried roe. The flavors and textures were just out of this world. Some of it was double-spiced, with a spicy sauce on top.

The yellow sushi on the right is Tamago Sushi – sweetened egg! Totally delicious. And the fish was just freshfreshfresh. Sublime.

Little serpents that just exploded with flavor.

Barbecued Eel, served with a really spicy condiment I can’t remember… Over the top delicious.

And if that wasn’t enough, another full tray of assorted flavors.

There was tamari, pickled ginger, wasabi, and a few other condiments I had never heard of – but gladly used and loved. And then there was a sake that was absolutely delicious and refreshing.

I can’t even begin to describe how utterly and completely delicious and enjoyable the entire meal was. The skill far exceeds anything I would ever be able to do in my lifetime.

Absolutely delicious.