Chicken Parm

Life continues to move forward…

Our ballots were received in Pennsylvania, all of the paperwork for the home financing has been submitted – and there is a ton of paperwork – VA appraisal is in progress, and we’ll know our official move-in date in 8 days.

Moving forward.

We’re even getting more creative with our two burner stove.

I made a batch of chicken soup for lunches and then did a Skillet Chicken Parmesan with Rigatoni.

Chicken Parm

A simple fried chicken breast covered in Victor’s homemade sauce, and then topped with cheese. I used the skillet lid to melt the cheese.

Last night, Victor made a simple pasta sauce with cherry tomatoes, garlic, Italian herbs, crushed red pepper, and cheese.

Basic, simple, and totally delicious!

We finally bought a cutting board because I got tired of using a paper plate to slice and dice on. And a can opener. We had packed knives and the kitchen shears – and a favorite wooden spoon – but forgot a few of the other basics.

One can never have too many cutting boards…

I do realize that living in two rooms as we are would be considered a luxury for many people, but it really is not easy when you’re used to space, open doors, and a full kitchen. I really miss a full-sized refrigerator and all of our pots and pans!

But… good things come to those who wait.

We’re waiting…