I wasn’t ready to hit the local Giant at 6 ayem for the Senior Shopping, this morning, so I thought I’d hit Wegmans when they opened at 7. I got there a few minutes before and the line had already started – nice and orderly. As it should be.

Everyone maintained distance. No pushing, no shoving…

The shelves were a little better stocked from the last time I was there – there were actual paper products – and I managed to get a gallon of bleach and laundry detergent. No Clorox wipes or any of that stuff, but we still have some from when Victor’s mom lived with us.

And no flour. Of any sort. And no dried beans. Both of which are normal staples in our home – and items that have always been in abundance any time I’ve gone to the store. Limits on almost everything else in the store. We still have flour and dried beans at home, so I’ll just be a bit more prudent in their use until I know we can get more.

The people in the store – both customer and staff – seemed reasonably upbeat. There were two different guys – both in gloves and cheap painters masks who were pretty much in panic-mode shopping and really rushing through the store – but everyone else was cordial, respecting space, and basically just being community all in this, together. It was nice to see.

The actual shopping and check-out process was pretty good. They’ve marked off the floors at the registers to let folks know where to stand and park their carts, cashiers were wearing gloves and sanitizing between each order and everyone was maintaining distance.

In anticipation of today’s shopping, I finally used up the last of the dried Sea Island Red Peas from Anson Mills. They’re a small, heirloom bean that really packs a flavor-punch. I cooked them up with a bit of ham, onion, celery, carrots, garlic, and herbs d’Provence. Served up with a fried ham steak and rice.

Red Peas

Beans are serious comfort food, for me. Growing up in a large family, Mom cooked many a pot of beans – and I loved every one of them.

Grocery-wise, we’re definitely good for a while, now. We won’t have to venture out except to check the mailbox.

Take care, all…