We’ve picked the first two tomatoes from the garden! They were a bit under-ripe, but… I had to do it. I’ve been craving a homegrown tomato since last year. The tomatoes in question are Green Zebra tomatoes – they’re supposed to be green!

Being just slightly under-ripe made them perfect for stuffing and baking – they held their shape. The filling was a throw-together of about a cup of cooked rice, a cup of leftover grilled vegetables, quattro formaggio shredded cheese, and about a third of a cup of salsa verde. I hollowed out the tomatoes and filled them, placed the rest of the rice filling in a small baking dish and then placed the tomatoes on top.

The dish was covered and then went into a 375°F oven for 30 minutes. While the tomatoes were cooking, I split a chicken breast in half, doused it with berbere spice, and grilled them.


Stuffed Tomatoes