Shrimp Ravioli

When Victor made his Shrimp Ravioli, last month, he made a double-batch. Half went into the freezer. When he made the Goat Cheese a few days ago, the whey went into the freezer.

Tonight, they both came out. So to speak.

Creating new meals from leftovers can be a lot of fun – it’s almost always a one-shot deal, never to be replicated. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending upon what it is you’re cooking. Tonight it’s a bad thing – dinner was great!

We knew we wanted a light sauce for the ravioli, so I went with minimal ingredients – a couple of mushrooms, a fresh red onion, one small hot red pepper, and a couple of yellow tomatoes. And the whey.

I sauteed the mushroom and onion, and then added the pepper and tomato. Next went the whey, and I brought it all to a nice boil, adding a bit of salt and pepper. Finally, I added just a smidge of cornstarch to pull it together. No garlic, no other herbs or spices.

I cooked off the ravioli about 3/4ths of the way, and then added them to the sauce to finish.

Shrimp Ravioli

It was one of those dishes that worked on every level. Rich and creamy, and light, yet filling. The yellow tomatoes from the garden have really been outstanding – really flavorful – and were the perfect foil for the whey, mushroom, onion, and hot pepper.

I kinda doubt the stars will align to make this, again, but I’m really glad they did, tonight. And it’s a perfect reminder not to get rid of the whey when you make cheese. It has lots of uses – and lots of nutrition!