Boursin Burritos

We were watching a cooking show a while back and the folks were in France. Someone was whipping up a quick hors d’oeuvre and pulled out some Boursin from the ‘fridge. She said that Boursin could be found in every refrigerator in France – it’s the French Velveeta!

Who am I to argue? We have it in our ‘fridge most of the time. On the other hand, we never – ever – have Velveeta. Ever. I have never cared for it – even as a child on grilled cheese sandwiches. We always had it in the house, but my mom loved different cheeses and I’d get the good stuff whenever I could. As a teenager, by brother’s then-girlfriend, Chris, and I would roam San Francisco trying to find the stinkiest cheeses to try and gross the other out. Neither of us succeeded in grossing the other out, but we did find that Limburger was the stinkiest we could find. I still like it.

I remember when Boursin hit the market and was all the rage. Burgers stuffed with molten Boursin, and sauces on everything from beef to vegetables. It’s still pretty tasty and very versatile all these years later.

Which brings us to dinner, tonight…

My original thought was a Mexican-inspired burrito-ish dish – spicy and tomatoey – but we all know that what I first think of and what actually gets made can be pretty different. I had most of a grilled chicken in the ‘fridge, plenty of vegetables, the Boursin, and a package of small flour tortillas – and gravy that I had made from the chicken. The wheels started turning and I went to work.

I grabbed a couple of mushrooms, a small zucchini, and a piece of red onion and chopped them all fine. Next was a small package of diced pancetta. It went into the skillet and I browned it up. Next went the diced veggies. I cooked it all together with a bit of minced garlic, added some white wine and cooked it all down.

Meanwhile, I prepared the tortillas. They were easy – all I did was spread them with Boursin.

I topped them with some of the vegetables and some chopped, cooked chicken and rolled them up. Into a disch they went. I covered it and placed it in a 350°F oven for 30 minutes. While they were in the oven, I heated the gravy.

Boursin Burritos

They were surprisingly good with lots of flavor. The Boursin really stood out without being overpowering. I made six, put three on each plate – and that was waaaaay too much food. We barely finished two – the leftovers will be lunch.

And it’s the chicken that keeps on giving. There’s probably half a chicken still left. Time for some more creativity!