Pork and Broccoli Rabe

Tonight’s dinner is brought to you by the latest issue of Bon Appétit magazine.

I just resubscribed after a several year hiatus – and the May issue showed up with an interesting pork tenderloin dish. I liked the marinade they had for the thinly-sliced pork tenderloin and the combination of greens and carrots, but… I didn’t have any greens. I had ground pork – and broccoli rabe, carrots, and radishes. Dinner was born.

The fun of cooking magazines – and recipes in general – is getting ideas… not being forced into making something exactly the way someone else wrote it down.

The recipe calls for serving the dish over rice – it’s called a Spicy Pork Bowl with Greens and Carrots – but first thought was to serve it with noodles. My next thought was it doesn’t need rice or noodles – go for the veggies.

I marinated ground pork in sambal oelek, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and brown sugar for about an hour.

I fried it in a skillet with a splash of oil, and when it was barely cooked through, took it out and added really thinly-sliced radishes and carrots. When they were reasonably wilted, I took them out and added blanched broccoli rabe.

Everything was going back into the same skillet, so I didn’t need to keep adding anything other than a pinch of salt, now and again.

When the broccoli rabe was looking good, I added a splash of soy sauce and then mixed back in everything else. At the last moment, I added a bunch of green onions – because who doesn’t like green onions?!?

A couple of minutes on the heat and dinner was served!

Really flavorful! Nicely spicy from both the sambal oelek and the fresh ginger and the slightest bit of bitterness from the broccoli rabe. The carrots added sweetness and the radishes added their own pepperiness.

Not bad for a throw-together!