Sunshine, blue skies, and another great day…

It started off a bit mediocre when I went grocery shopping. The local Wegmans was out of three of the ten things on my shopping list. Normally, I don’t really care, but these are things that Nonna eats and I can’t get elsewhere.

But… I made it home, made three salads for lunches, and then headed off to a fun gathering of former coworkers. My old store was one of 17 chosen throughout the chain to get a special Employee Recognition party – and I was invited to share in the festivities. Lots of hugs and kisses, good food, gossip, and laughter.

I do not miss working – at all. I do miss many of the crazy and zany people I used to work with, though. Fortunately, I still get to see them when I shop. It’s not quite the same, but… It’s better than actually having to go to work.

Back home, it was trim some bushes in back and then get dinner started… We had picked up a bag of baby peppers at gentile’s, yesterday, and they became the base for a gnocchi dish – using gnocchi from the freezer.

The dish was baby peppers, a jalapeño pepper, onion, garlic, and broccolini all cooked together, with a splash of red wine and about a cup of Victor’s pasta sauce. I cooked up the gnocchi and added them to the sauce, and dinner was served.


It was really simple, and really flavorful. My kind of meal.