We did a fair amount of cooking and baking this weekend – I just didn’t write about it.

One of the most fun things I made was a loaf of bread.

If any of you are old enough to remember I love Lucy and her loaf of bread… well…

I came close…


One of the most odd loaves, to date. I used fresh yeast instead of my normal dry, and switched out the flours from all white to a blend of white, wheat, rye, and bulgar.

And it went crazy.


First off, I should have used two pans. There was too much dough for just one. I seem to vaguely recall using most of the dough for a loaf and then taking some for rolls. Whatever. I need to work on the recipe a bit…

On the plus side, it tastes great. So all was not lost.

On Saturday, there was a neighborhood house crawl – 4 houses on 4 different streets in the neighborhood hosted a get-together for an hour each – 6-7 next door to us, 7-8 around the block… We made the first one and skipped the others. It’s not easy to leave Nonna alone for too long. Met new neighbors, saw old neighbors. It was fun. I baked my favorite Chocolate Ganache Peanut Butter Cookies and everyone loved ’em. They are ridiculously good.

Chocolate Ganache Peanut Butter Cookies

Before that, though, we had a pizza sausage roll. A spicy Italian sausage with pizza dough rolled around it.

Sausage Roll

The ultimate Sausage Roll. The dough was left from the pita bread the night before… Waste not, want not…

Tonight it was salads…

Monday is produce shopping, so we went to town. I made a carrot and raisin salad with walnuts. my Mom’s potato salad, and roasted golden beets. Victor made a tomato salad and I grilled a bit of tri tip and fried a boatload of hot peppers. All on top of arugula with chopped radishes.

I am really looking forward to harvesting goodies from the garden. We have a lot of stuff out back – and started another batch of peppers, today. We’re going to be in hot sauce heaven!

Eating well and still maintaining the weight loss.

Life is good…