It’s Victor’s Birthday, today! We actually left the house and got sushi to celebrate. Sushi is just not on my top ten list of things to make at home. I’ve almost kinda made it, before, but… it wasn’t quite what one would call a total success. I’m going to need a few lessons from our niece, Christine who is a stellar Sushi Chef in Portland. It really is amazing to see the edible works of art she can create.


We went to Hakata in the Gateway Shopping Center where I used to work. This was their version of a California Roll with a slightly spicy sauce. It was pretty good and the white tuna nigiri was exceptional. Plenty of condiments at the table to dip, plus the obligatory wasabi, ginger, daikon, etc… All-in-all, pretty good for the suburbs.

As for the gym… No loss, no gain, this week, but we’re officially in large shirts! All of the XXL shirts have been donated, along with all of the XXL t-shirts, the XL shirts, and many of the XL t-shirts. The t-shirts are the hard part – we live in them and had a lot – but we’re now swimming in them! Buh-Bye shirts from our travels… I guess we’re just going to have to travel more! It’s good that we’re doing this when the weather is turning nicer (although you couldn’t prove it, today…) Shorts and t-shirts will get us through to September and my nephew’s wedding in California.

A good day all around….