The weather was absolutely perfect, today… Mid 70’s, partly cloudy, and a gentle breeze… The windows were all open as we started our Easter preparations… It’s a small group – only 13 adults and 2 kids. We’re making our standards and adding a few new dishes to the menu. It’s a lot more fun, that way.

The key to cooking really is being organized. All of those years in restaurants and hotels has us doing the prep in advance, so putting the actual dinner together will be a snap. We even have checklists. Really.

Tonight was a clean out the ‘fridge salad so there’s room for the produce shopping, tomorrow. Tomorrow is also our weigh-in day, so… making that little bit of effort won’t really matter, but it’s part of the mental game. I must admit I kinda blew it when making chocolate Easter nests, today – I ate more than I probably should have. But… life is also about having a bit of fun.

The salads had mixed greens, radishes, poblano peppers, green onions, roasted beets, avocado, hard-cooked eggs, mixed grain salad… and a homemade Italian vinaigrette. A grilled chicken breast on top. Pretty simple and basic – and more food than we could consume.

It’s interesting to see how our dietary habits have changed – and that we actually think about it. Once upon a time, we would have cleaned our plates just because there was still more to eat. Now… we’re paying attention to those full signals.

Who woulda thunk?!?