Fresh Eggs

When you have fresh eggs, you need to highlight them – and what better way than atop your dinner? Victor saw a recipe for a Costa Rican rice and beans dish that we didn’t have the ingredients for, but the concept was solid – we went with the concept and ingredients in the house.

One of the more fun things about cooking is seeing a recipe and creating something else out of it. It’s pretty much why – with a few exceptions – we seldom have the same meal twice.

The published recipe was for rice and beans and a very specific Costa Rican condiment – that we definitely didn’t have. But we did have rice and beans and fresh tomatoes and zucchini and red onions and flour tortillas – and lots of spices.

I started by cooking some white rice with garlic, onion, and a pinch of chili powder. Meanwhile, in a skillet, I sautéed a bit of red onion with a chopped zucchini and some cumin and cayenne pepper. When it was properly wilted, I added a diced tomato, the cooked rice and a can of drained and rinsed black beans.

I stirred it all together and cooked it until the tomatoes started breaking down a bit and everything was hot all the way through.

Onto the plate went a flour tortilla and atop that went the rice and beans and atop that went two fried eggs.

I ate the majority of the goodness and then took the remaining bits and rolled them up in the tortilla and finished everything off like a burrito.

It was really good.