Spring Salad

Ah… the First Day of Spring…

Sadly, we’re going to get rain starting tonight and continuing through Friday. It’s nowhere near the devastation that’s happening in Nebraska, but, c’mon… I’m over it for a few days!

I’d really like to get out into the yard and start cleaning things up. We need to do some serious work out there. Our new neighbors completely gutted their yard. All of the hedges and plants along the fence are gone and now we can see right into their house. I’m not going to enjoy that in the summer when we’re outside a lot. A fast-growing bamboo screen may be in order…

But… we’re almost six weeks away from planting time – and who knows what Mother Nature is going to bring between now and then.

In the meantime, produce is coming from the produce store – and salads are starting to become a normal dinner.

The fun thing about these is they’re completely use what’s in the ‘fridge meals. There are no recipes for salads. They just are.

For example… I blanched green beans, added frozen corn, added green onions, canned beans, olive oil, red wine vinegar, some S&P… instant bean salad. Different than the batch I made last week, and different from the batch I’ll make next week.

The roasted vegetables from last night became another salad. I merely added balsamic vinegar.

We always have hard-cooked eggs in the ‘fridge, so one was sliced up and added to the plate. The rest of last night’s pork tenderloin, the last of the olives from the olive bar, a bit of radish, a bit of asparagus – raw – and a bit of tomato filled the plate. The dressing was oil & vinegar, garlic, mustard, honey, and fresh herbs.

It was a totally delicious dinner – and not a single pot to wash!