Eggplant Parmigiana

I’m almost getting to see the back of the freezer! Almost. This time around, it has been fuller for longer. Somehow, we did a really good job of filling it up since Summer.

Tonight, I used the last of the eggplant from the garden that we breaded, fried, and froze, and I pulled out the last of the fried hot peppers. Fortunately, we still have a couple of jars that I canned, but the fried peppers are my favorite. We just use them for everything. I also pulled out the last of the sausage. I really need to get down to Martin’s at Reading Terminal Market – soon.

It’s difficult to think of gardens right now, since it’s snowing like a bat outta hell. The prediction is 5″-8″. It’s that nice heavy, wet snow that tends to bring down trees and power lines. My only concern is losing power. Personally, I could not care less – I can always build a fire and put on a sweater – but when there’s a 93 year old in the house, heat takes on a whole new meaning. Fingers crossed.

Our out-of-the-freezer dinner tonight was breaded eggplant slices heated in the oven, topped with Mancini’s sweet peppers and onions, and quattro formaggio – an Italian four-cheese blend – along with Victor’s pasta sauce and spicy Italian sausage.

About as simple as simple can be. I dirtied one small pot and a sheet pan. Clean-up was a breeze.

With the big unknown about snow amounts, we switched our Monday morning gym workout to Tuesday morning. That means we have nothing to do but sit back and watch the snow fall.

I’ve made a biga – an Italian bread starter – and will bake bread tomorrow while watching the snow melt.

Retirement really rocks.