Double Wheat Whole Wheat Bread

We don’t buy a lot of bread – especially in the winter. It’s too easy – and too good – to just bake it. I have a few recipes that I make over-and-over, but, before I bake a new loaf, I almost always look to see what recipes I have that I haven’t made in a while.

I popped over to My Mom’s Cookbook site and found a recipe I haven’t made in years – a whole wheat bread that is both light and substantial.

It’s a rather easy recipe that even a novice baker could accomplish but it’s also a hearty recipe if you want to do the entire thing by hand like I did. I have gotten a bit too comfortable with my mixer. I’ve been doing more breads by hand, lately – and with excellent results.

WW Bread

The only changes I made with the recipe was using 4 cups of whole wheat flour and a cup of sprouted whole wheat. I also used 3 cups of bread flour – not all-purpose.

WW Bread


WW Bread



Whole Wheat Bread

It came out great.  Bake some – you’ll be glad you did.