I casually mentioned to Victor, this morning, that it would be great if he made butternut squash gnocchi for dinner tonight. I had bought a rather large butternut squash and used half of it for dinner on Thursday and had put the rest in the ‘fridge. He casually mentioned back that he had already used the leftover squash in the soup we were having for lunch.

But, he said, he’s be happy to make gnocchi. Works for me!

He made a ricotta gnocchi – flour, ricotta, pecorino cheese, egg, salt, and pepper – and a sauce of tomatoes we canned last summer and hot Italian sausage. One of those meals that is simple, yet screams flavor from the rooftops. The sauce had just enough heat to be interesting, and the gnocchi were light as a feather. Melt-in-your-mouth pillows of flavor.

He also mad up a little antipasti of roasted hot and sweet peppers, olives, and cheese – they paired nicely with the pasta.


A couple of slices of homemade bread I had pulled from the freezer, and dinner was served – an exquisite dinner, I might add.

We really do eat well around here. In fact, he asked me earlier today if I wanted to go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day or have him cook. That was like the biggest DUH in the world – have him cook, of course!!!

He’s going to do a spaghetti with caramelized onions. I’m going to make a loaf of crusty bread.

Did I mention we eat well around here?!?