Pork Tenderloin

I was busy, today, working on a little project for my siblings… I have a lot of stuff that once belonged to my mom and other relatives that we’ve used over the years, but are unlikely to keep using a lot in the future. I’ve been thinking that they – or their kids – might be able to use it, so today I started taking pictures of things and set up a web page where they can see the stuff and decide if they want it. There’s nothing of great value, but there are some really nice platters, bowls, serving dishes, and even a 1930s GE Mixer that belonged to my great aunt – and it still works.

I was planning on making a pork tenderloin-something for dinner, but Victor decided he’d create dinner and let me finish getting things together.

He came walking into the office with a jar of artichoke pesto I had bought from Eataly back in October and asked me if I had any plans for it. I said, no, he smiled, and said he now did. I could keep on working – dinner was going to be taken care of.

It’s great being married to a man who knows how to cook.

He took the pork loin and butterflied it, and then added the artichoke pesto, proscuitto, sun-dried tomatoes in oil, bread crumbs, and cheese, tied it all together, and then baked it in a hot oven for 40 minutes. He put mini potatoes along side to bake in the pork fat and juices.

Dinner was stellar!

The pork was moist and tender, the stuffing rich and flavorful, the potatoes perfectly cooked.

I have said many times that food can put a big smile on my face – and I’m grinning from ear-to-ear as I type this. It really was good.

The project was completed and now it’s off to a couple of Great British Bake Off shows.

Life is good.