Butternut Squash

I was rooting around the ‘fridge this morning and found the last of the beef and ale filling from the other day. It was really good, but not quite enough for another dinner. It was also too good to toss. My solution was to incorporate it into a new meal!

Playing with leftovers is always fun – creating a new meal out of an old one can take a bit of thought and/or creativity. My thought, today, was to take a butternut squash and stuff it with the leftovers. I mean… why not?

I chose the smallest squash I could find, since I didn’t need any more leftovers, and sliced it in half, seeded it, and then baked it, covered, at 350°F for an hour. Meanwhile, I added a bit of cubed potato and some frozen mixed vegetables to the beef and ale to stretch it.

When the squash was cooked through, I did a few slits in it and spread on a tad bit of butter and some S&P. The hot filling went into the seed hole, and the rest, as they say, is history…

The squash and the filling went perfectly together. On the side, we had little beef and ale hand pies made from the original leftover pie pastry.

Quick, easy, fun, and filling.

And with two less containers in the ‘fridge… Life is good.