Twenty Weeks. Who woulda thunk we’d be going to the gym and losing weight for twenty flippin’ weeks?!?

Certainly not me!

I do have to admit that this has been something clear out of the realm of possibility for me. Actually going to a gym on a regular basis was possibly one of the most foreign things I could have imagined. Yet, here we are, twenty weeks later – losing weight and feeling better every day.

Who woulda thunk?!?

Even more out of the realm of possibility, though, was changing our eating habits. Yes, we pretty much always ate good food, but, damn, we ate a lot of it! And we won’t even go into desserts! Okay – we will, a little bit… Cutting out our dessert every single night was pretty much key to all of this. You have no idea how much ice cream I could fit into a small bowl. Or wedges of cake and pie. And the odd thing is as much as I once loved them, I don’t really miss them.

I think when I finally started seeing a difference in how I looked and felt that everything really fell into place.

Who woulda thunk, indeed?!?

In celebration of making it through twenty weeks – that’s  more than twice as long as Boot Camp, by the way – it’s spaghetti night! I weigh out pasta, nowadays – 2 ounces per person – and we always seem to have some left over.

I made a simple sauce of thick-sliced leeks, diced chicken, partially sun-dried cherry tomatoes, red wine, garlic, about a quarter cup of olive tapenade, and a 16oz jar of our tomato sauce. It could not have been simpler – and it came out great!

Two more days of home-cooking and then 4 days of restaurants. It will be interesting to see how we rank at the end of week twenty-one!

Fortunately, the hotel has a fitness center. I’m packing gym shorts just in case!