Sweet Potato Gnocchi

The fun thing about decorating at our house is even after we’re all done, we still find things to decorate. We’ll be adding a bit here or a bit there for another few days – and probably more if we end up buying more fun things in Niagara Falls! (You know we will!) I just added big red balls to our palm tree in the kitchen. Blanche sees me coming and starts running – she thinks she will be next!

We’ve been slowly purging stuff that has fallen apart or is just not usable, anymore, and I shake my head in wonder because if we barely have room for what we have, how in the hell did we fit all that other stuff in here?

Still, most everything has been done – and that means more time to cook! Victor started it off with Sweet Potato Gnocchi!

Victor’s sweet potato gnocchi is an eyeball recipe.

A baked sweet potato that has been riced, an egg, salt & pepper, and flour. The flour is the wild card. You mix the sweet potato and egg together with a bit of S&P, and then start adding small amounts of flour – just enough to hold it all together and have a smooth dough. Not a lot.

Form pieces into a rope, cut them into individual pieces, and roll them with a Mucca Rigagnocchi Gnocchi Rolling Machine from Fante’s in South Philly, form them off the tines of a fork or with a gnocchi board – $4.99, also at Fante’s. If you’re going to do this more than once a year, buy a Mucca – or get someone to buy you one for Christmas! They’re fun and really easy to use!

Make it. You’ll be glad you did.