Chicken and Broccoli

Tonight’s dinner was brought to you by some aging broccoli. The downside of shopping once a week is using up fresh produce in a timely manner. The upside is always having lots of choices because I usually don’t know what I’m going to make until I start making it.

The real upside to shopping once a week is only having to deal with other shoppers once a week. I’ve gotten old and cantankerous. I saw a great video not long ago that pretty much sums up my feelings on being in any retail store – especially supermarkets.

Not to mention 38 registers and only three open. This really does sum it up nicely!

Shopping just isn’t the luxury it once was and I really do think it’s because I grew up in the world of neighborhood stores and larger stores with professional staff – not revolving-door minimum wage warm bodies who avoid eye contact lest they have to actually do something. Did I mention old and cantankerous?!?

I had a chicken breast and prosciutto – singular breast because they are really getting bigger and bigger as we’re eating less. It was a simple slit down the middle and fill with a bit of mozzarella cheese and then wrap in the prosciutto.

Chicken and Prosciutto

A bit of pepper – plenty of salt with the prosciutto.

Into a skillet and then into the oven at 375°F for about 35 minutes.

Chicken and Prosciutto

The broccoli had a fun addition to it – anchovies! Just enough to add a bit of back flavor without being very noticeable.

I forst steamed the broccoli and set it aside. Into a skillet went a chopped leek, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes, and 2 minced anchovy fillets. I added white wine, cooked it down a bit, and then added the broccoli.

A bit of a different take on a vegetable that can get boring after a while.

All-in-all, a really good meal – and there’s a ‘fridge full of fresh goodies!