I know, I know… let’s get Thanksgiving over with before we start with Christmas – and I really do agree – but this retirement thing has me wound up and rarin’ to go.

After hitting the gym this morning, I headed down to the basement and started pulling out the Christmas Bins – specifically to get to the tablecloths, napkins, table runners, place mats, holiday towels – all of the soft goods that can stand a good washing after being tucked away for a year.

We wash the tablecloths and napkins as we use them, but there are things that go out that are more utilitarian or decorative that don’t necessarily see the inside of the washing machine every year. Or every other year. Or ever.

Today, I washed every bit of it – two full washer loads –  and ::drumroll, please:: ironed it all!

Retirement – the time to do things you don’t have the time, desire, or energy to do whilst being gainfully employed.

Victor, of course, is getting nervous and is threatening to put a padlock on the basement steps. Methinks he thinks I’ll be bringing the tree up any minute. Not to worry, though… I’m merely plotting and planning. Getting organised. Friday, while all of the crazy people are out battling each other, stuck in traffic, and otherwise spending far more money than they can afford, will be the perfect time to deck our halls. Turkey soup will be simmering on the stove and Christmas Carols will be playing throughout the house – and they will be playing throughout the house. I just set up the Amazon Echo and the various Dots as a speaker group and the smart plugs to turn on the trees.

Can you tell I’m really looking forward to this?!?

Be afraid. Be very afraid…

While I was downstairs washing and ironing, I had chicken thighs stewing on the stove. Multi-tasking.

In the braiser with the chicken was a chopped onion, chopped garlic, chopped bell pepper, red wine, and tomato sauce. When the chicken was cooked, I pulled it out and shredded it – and added it back in with basil, oregano, crushed red pepper, and some S&P. Next, went a bag of arugula.

I cooked it all down, added some cooked cavatappi, let it simmer a few more minutes, and called it dinner.

We’re going, not hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I’m cooking a small turkey tomorrow so we’ll have the requisite leftovers and soup carcass. We’re making a dessert and an appetizer. We’re getting off easy!