I think I need a 12-step program.

I just got two new salts – to add to the 18 we already had. Yes, boys and girls, we have twenty different types of salt in out house.

The two newest arrivals are Italian – one from Trapani in Sicily and the other from Cervia on the Adriatic coast. They join salts from the United States and all over the world:

  • Fluer de Sel – France
  • Sel Gris – France
  • Black Hawaiian Salt – Hawaii
  • Red Hawaiian Salt – Hawaii
  • Morton Canning Salt – US
  • Morton Kosher Salt – US
  • Diamond Table Salt – US
  • Maldon Salt – England
  • San Francisco Bay Salt – San Francisco
  • Jalapeño Salt – Australia
  • Black Garlic Salt – Australia
  • Himalayan Pink Salt – Pakistan
  • Guérande Salt -France
  • Cape May Salt – New Jersey
  • Sale al Vino Rosso – Italy
  • Sale d’Herbes al Limone – Italy
  • Cypriot Pyramid Salt – Cyprus
  • Smoked Maldon Salt – England

Oddly – or not so oddly – I tend to use basic kosher salt 99.999% of the time. I was using them more when they had their own shelf in the cupboard by the stove – but I needed that space for the 12 different flours – the whole wheat, the Italian “00”, the sprouted wheat, the rye, the corn, the buckwheat, the oat… you get the picture. My next 12-step program will be flour and baking supplies.

I do need to start incorporating the salts into daily cooking, though. They’re all really good, and they all have their own unique characteristics. Maybe writing about them will push them into the front of the mind…

We shall see. In the meantime, My name is Tim and I buy salt…