Martin's Sausage

We headed into the city, today, to see the new Cherry Street Pier that just opened on the Delaware River. For this being its opening weekend, I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed. It doesn’t seem to know what it is… Or, at least, we couldn’t figure it out.

Cherry Street Pier

There was a “Festival for the People” supposedly going on. We didn’t notice it.

Neither did anyone else…

Cherry Street Pier

There was nothing to buy – other than an ice cream cone – and no idea of what was to come. There was a makeshift bar area – over by the pink sofa – but a sign said it didn’t open until 5pm. Most of the artist areas were empty and the few that looked as if someone was doing something were closed. Opening Weekend.

I guess at some point this could be a pretty fun and vibrant area, but today didn’t offer a lot of reasons to return to find out.

On a fun note, though, I rode the Market/Frankford subway for the first time! We went from the 30th Street Station down to 2nd Street and walked over to the pier. Heading back, we took it to 11th Street and got off at Reading Terminal Market. I needed sausage.

Martin’s Sausage is the only sausage I buy. It is just quality and flavor – and an excellent price. All of the sausage below – 4 links each of five different varieties – 20 links in all – was $24.35.

Martin's Sausage

We bought:

  • Hot Italian
  • Hot Italian with Fresh Green Peppers & Onions
  • Italian Sausage with Sun Dried Tomatoes & Fresh Basil
  • Italian Sausage with Sharp Aged Provolone Cheese & Fresh Parsley
  • Mild Italian with Fresh Green Peppers & Onions

I broke out our trusty FoodSaver and vacuum-packed the sausages in packs of two and into the freezer it went.

We would be having some for dinner, tonight, but we stopped at Pearl’s Oyster Bar in the market for lunch… We both had the mixed fried seafood platter. Way more food than we’re now used to eating! It was excellent, but it will be soup for dinner, tonight. No way could I eat sausages…

That, in and of itself, is amazing. It’s only taken me 66 years to start eating proper portions.

What a concept.

So it definitely wasn’t a wasted trip. We got out of the house and into the city – for free with our senior transit passes – and got to walk down the oldest residential street in the United States – and got lots of sausages and a great lunch.

It does not suck to be us!