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Tomato Sauce


It seems the weather has finally started cooperating – we’re getting tomatoes! We went out to do some yard cleanup and a bit of harvesting – and the bit of harvesting was 20 pints of tomato sauce – 16 canned and down stairs, 4 in the refrigerator. I can only can 16 pints at a time…

The sauce is just a plain tomato sauce – a bit of red wine and a bit of salt and pepper – but nothing else. We will be able to use it for anything we want!

It was really a simple process – i pureed all of the tomatoes in the blender and then cooked them down a bit…

Tomato sauce

Whenever I break out the big blue pot, I always think of Macbeth… Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn and caldron bubble. The pressure canner is just slightly larger – double the pleasure, double the fun… I think I’ll stop, now…

tomato sauce

I’m thinking this will be making some good soups and stews, this winter…


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