I did a bit of a ‘fridge clean-out for dinner, tonight. These are fun dinners because they’re usually good and probably won’t be replicated anytime soon.  I seem to do this a lot with Jambalaya – I never quite have what I need, but if I have andouille sausage, it’s just a matter of putting stuff in a pot.

Tonight’s pot started with carrots, celery, and radishes – all chopped fine. Then it was a single andouille sausage and a small steak that had been in the freezer too long to grill, but not so long to toss. Red wine. Beef broth. Several tomatoes from the garden. A hot pepper from the garden. A can of black beans. 6 shrimp. Rice. I was going to add some shallots instead of onions and forgot them. I didn’t have any bell peppers, but, dinner went on without them.

It was a dish that – as is normal for me – continued to grow as I found more things to toss in. I did reasonable portions and we have lunch, tomorrow.

Still watching the portions. Life is good.