I love it when recipes create themselves… No thought on my part – the ingredients just make it into the bowl on their own.

That’s what happened today with my Mexican-Inspired Potato Salad. I knew I was going to make a potato salad – and I almost always just go for my standby – Mom’s.

Today, though, I broke out the mandoline. I sliced the raw potatoes instead of cubing them, and as they went on to cook, I started slicing even more things on the mandoline. I had 4 radishes – pink, red, purple, and white – and I sliced them so thin you could literally see through them. Then it was a carrot – sliced just a tad thicker. Paper-thin red onion moons… And then I saw an avocado on the counter. That began my Mexican Inspiration!

With everything sliced instead of cubed, it wasn’t going to be Mom’s, no matter what, so into the cupboard I went and grabbed a can of diced green chiles. And the blender.

The chiles went into the salad along with celery and chopped pickles, and the avocado went into the blender – along with some mayonnaise, sour cream, heavy cream, Guajillo Pepper Adobo, and some homemade Hot Sauce. It all got mixed together and dinner was served.

The paper-thin vegetables played well with the thicker-sliced potatoes, and there was juuuuust enough heat to make it interesting. I now envision a few other ethnic makeovers…

Summertime produce and goodies from the yard!

The bacon-wrapped petit filet mignon came from Aldi. They’re the perfect size – and inexpensive.

I think we may be back to salads, tomorrow…

We shall see…