Chicken and Peaches

Leftover chicken is a luxury – in a matter of minutes, dinner can be on the table. And when it started out pretty well-seasoned, it’s even easier.

Once upon a time, there probably wouldn’t have been any leftover chicken, but we’re now into Week Two of our new fitness regime. My, how things change…

The only difficult part, thus far, has been not baking. Even though I really have cooked more than I have baked, I think I consider myself a baker more than a cook. There’s a different sort of satisfaction in baking a loaf of bread, a cake, or a pie and I would just waltz into the kitchen whenever the mood struck and create something. All of that is currently on hold. Not forever, mind you, but definitely while we adjust to some lifestyle changes.

So no ooey-gooey desserts. I’ll survive. Hell, I survived our trainer beating the shit out of me, today – so no desserts is easy, comparatively speaking.

I started dinner tonight by sautéing half a bell pepper and 6 ounces of assorted mushrooms. I added some pimento, and then a splash of sherry.

When that cooked down, a bit, I added two peaches and the shredded chicken. A pinch of ginger and a pinch of garlic powder, some S&P, and tamari sauce. Chopped fresh basil and parsley, to finish.

Served with rice.

Totally easy and totally delicious.