Chicken Salad

When I cooked the chicken yesterday, I knew that some of it was going to become salads, today. I don’t often plan meals in advance, but cooking a whole chicken is a lot of chicken – and we all know how much I hate to waste things… Besides. A good Chicken Salad has been calling my name for a while.

The salad covered the basics. Romaine lettuce – a whole head, not hearts coming out of a plastic bag – thinly-sliced radishes, tomatoes, hard cooked eggs, blackberries, chicken, green onions, and lots of crispy bacon, and the Sweet and Spicy French Dressing I made a couple of weeks ago.

The tomatoes were grocery store tomatoes – not all that great – but, sadly, ours won’t be ready for some time, yet. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I really dislike produce in packages – especially plastic bags – but every now and again I buy it because that’s what’s available. Of course, in nine days I’m going to have the opportunity to produce shop at places other than our local grocery stores. Gentile’s will definitely have a weekly visit – as will Reading Terminal Market. The SEPTA Senior Fare is only a buck into the city and it drops me off right at the market. There’s no excuse not to.