Otway Fields

Today was a great day. First, the nice UPS man arrived with my new mandoline blade. His arrival was perfect timing. Blanche heard the truck – she literally goes out of her mind over the UPS truck – and went tearing around the back yard, barking like a maniac. Meanwhile, the nice UPS man walked up the driveway and handed me the box, totally unbeknownst to her. The dog is not a bloodhound. But slicing is easy, again.

Second, the US Postal Service delivered Australian Salts – via Omaha. My cousin, Kathryn – an Omaha girl – has lived in Australia for years and knows how much I love to cook. She has sent me salts in the past, and, since she’s on a Northern Hemisphere trip, right now, she brought some with her to mail to me locally.

How sweet it is. Or, rather, salty. You know what I mean…

The salts come from Otway Fields in Gerangamete, Victoria, Australia – way the hell down under.

It’s a reasonably well known fact that I like different salts. At any given time there are probably 15 or 16 on the salt shelf – from all over the USofA and the world. They’re fun, each is unique, and I get to tell people I have 16 different types of salt on my shelf like it’s a doesn’t everybody?!? sorta thing.

The Otway Fields salts are excellent. The last salts she sent were Black Garlic Salt and Smoked Garlic Salt. Otway Fields is known for their garlic. This time, Kathryn sent Black Garlic Salt and Jalapeno Salt! What gastronomic fun!

Naturally, I had to use them immediately!

First off was the Jalapeno Salt on thick potato slices – sliced with my new mandoline blade – and baked in a hot oven. Second, was the Black Garlic Salt on grilled burgers.

Ya know how some things just work?!? These just work. The Jalapeno has a rich jalapeno flavor with enough heat to be interesting but not enough to rip off your tongue. It’s really done well.

The Black Garlic is just wonderful. It’s garlicky but not a clove of garlic garlicky. It’s unique – and both are something every home should have.

Thanks, again, Kathryn! We’re going to have lots of fun with these!