I brought home a couple of pretty nice bone-in pork chops, yesterday. I was thinking a Pork Chop Milanese-style dish was in order. We’ve been through the chicken and beef rut a few times – it was time for something new.

I called home at lunch, and the first thing Victor said was How about if I make Pork Chops Milanese for dinner tonight? I swooned over the phone. I hadn’t mentioned it or the pork chops. He just knew.  ::sigh::

And he knew how to make them perfectly.

He started with an egg and heavy cream dip – no flour – and then into very lightly seasoned bread crumbs. And then into the skillet with olive oil. When they were done, he did a quick sauce of white wine, capers, parsley, the slightest hint of lemon, and butter.


And to accompany… scalloped potatoes – thinly sliced potatoes with cream, chicken broth, cheese, salt and pepper. And fresh peas.

It was just what I had been yearning for – and more – because I didn’t make it. Perfectly crunchy outside and perfectly tender and juicy inside. The sauce was perfection, and the potatoes sublime.

And it was done without even having to leave the slightest hint.

Yes, I’m spoiled.

And I rather like it…