I have been buying herbs and spices from San Francisco Herb and their sister company Atlantic Spice for more years than I care to remember. Back in the day, I’d drive down to their store in San Francisco and just browse and buy on the spot – taking in the exotic smells and having fun with the eclectic and knowledgeable staff.  Think in terms of smoking herb before buying herbs – always a fun food shopping experience. I even did mail order from numerous places I lived. When we moved east, they hooked me up with Atlantic Spice on Cape Cod. We’ve visited that store, as well – and I use their reusable shopping bags.

I love their products and I love their prices.

But there’s another kid in town whose politics I simply adore. And that kid is Penzeys. I want to support the company that has done right by me for most of my adult life. And I want to support the company that speaks loudly about equality, immigration, and bringing people together. I guess I’m just going to have to buy more herbs and spices – and figure out an equitable split between the two. It’s ridiculous. In a world where I have virtually no brand loyalty at all, I feel like I’m cheating on an old friend. What can I do but buy more herbs and spices?

Penzeys just had a deal where they gave away – free – a gift box of 8 herb and spice blends – their American Heart and Soul Box. The box contains:

  • Adobo Seasoning
  • Penzeys Curry Powder
  • Florida Seasoned Pepper
  • Italian Herb Mix
  • Cajun Style Seasoning
  • Galena Street Rib and Chicken Rub
  • Ozark Seasoning
  • Penzeys Cinnamon

The description states:

Soul: That of values and spirit which persists, abides, and continues to flavor after what is physical passes. That which transcends generations.

The Soul box is 8 blends, each chock-full of Soul. All these blends touch on what goes way back. All of them go deep. Some go back so far into our history that their flavors are inseparable from our nation’s story. Others, more recently arrived, are testaments to the ever-renewing role immigration continues to play in seasoning the American spirit. Collectively they’ve brought flavor to trillions of moments where cooks have done their best to bring something truly good to those they’ve cooked for. Actual, honest-to-goodness Trillions. How cool is that?

How can you not support a company that puts themselves out there like that? I’ve been buying from them for a couple of years, but it would be a small bit here and there – with the bulk of my buying with Atlantic Spice – mainly because I don’t buy a lot of blends.

My gift box – along with the rest of my paid order – arrived Saturday. For tonight, I did Italian Herb Mix on the Grilled Zucchini, Florida Seasoned Pepper on the Sweet Potatoes, and Mitchell Street Steak Seasoning for the ::drumroll:: Steaks.

Each was an excellent match, the blends were totally fresh, and the flavors perfect.

Their American heart and Soul Box is currently out of stock, but give their website a perusal for some other great stuff!

And then give SF Herb and Atlantic Spice a look-see. Their bulk prices and quality cannot be beat.