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Just before our inclement weather, I was a bit under the weather. I spent most of 36 hours sleeping – except when I was bolting across the hall. It’s amazing how fast one can move from  a dead sleep when one has to.

As the snow fell, the wicked curse lifted and the following day, under reasonably sunny skies, I returned to life.

My total caloric intake for two days was 2 cups of chicken soup that Victor had made. Totally what I needed – and it was good, to boot. We slowly brought actual food back into the diet, and by yesterday, I was fit and ready to go.

That meant we needed cookies.

I’ve been working on getting recipes off my computer and onto the site, so I decided I should make one of them – and Thumbprints won the day!

Quick and easy with lots of flavor – without being overpowering. I used a Bonne Maman Four Fruits for the filling.

Not bad.




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