I pulled a bag of shrimp out of the freezer this morning before heading off to work, told Victor I had 2 ideas – Shrimp and Grits or a Shrimp Scampi Roll-Up. Or… he could make something he wanted… It’s always nice to have choices, ya know?!? When I got home, the verdict was the roll-up.

The Shrimp and Grits was something I was just going to do. The Scampi recipe came from Delish. I had bookmarked it a year ago and rediscovered it when I went through and cataloged the scores of recipes I’ve been bookmarking and ignoring for years. It’s amazing how many recipes I had bookmarked from websites that no longer exist. It is so nice to have all of that gone and my “Food Folder” manageable for the first time in forever.

I bought a program called Paprika Recipe Manager that was recommended by our friend, Bonnie. The beauty of it is it downloads the website recipe onto your computer in an easy to read format and links back to the original recipe page with complete attribution. One of my biggest problems in copying recipes on my computer has been not paying attention and putting them in text files without adding where it was I got them from. Now… when I make something I can tell y’all where I got the idea! What a concept, eh?!?

So… armed with my recipe, to work I went…

You’ll note when clicking on the recipe link that the original calls for small roll-ups with Lasagne noodles. Their picture looks neat, inviting… I chose to use lasagne sheets I had in the freezer. I was originally going to cut them into strips, but decided I’d go with the cannelloni look, instead. Mine definitely looks more rustic, but dayum, it was good! Really good. As in really, really good!

I did follow their basic recipe pretty much but used different cheeses. I switched out the mozzarella for asiago and fontina and, of course, used lasagne sheets instead of their lasagne noodles. One thing odd about their recipe is they state 10 noodles, six servings, but the video only shows 9 roll-ups in their dish. Not to mention the filling makes a hellava lot more than they show. I could have easily made 8 of these if I had used a 9×13 baking dish.

Shrimp Scampi Roll-Ups from Delish.


Theirs looked pretty. Mine tasted fabulous.

Even Nonna liked it!