You may have heard that we’re having a bit of a snowstorm, right now. A plow just went by. First one since 8am – when we barely needed one. I’ve been doing my shoveling to keep the car from getting blocked in. I have to be at work at 5ayem and, since I didn’t make it in today, feel I really should make the effort to be there, tomorrow – on time.

Victor stepped out the front door to get some pictures and there was a package from Amazon! The potato ricer he ordered had arrived sometime yesterday evening. It had to have been a pretty quiet delivery guy because Blanche usually goes bonkers if she hears someone in the yard or by the door. He’s probably been here before – and knows.

A potato ricer. A kitchen gadget I have never owned – and really never used until this evening.

Victor bought it for making gnocchi and my thought is anything that makes for more homemade pasta in the house – I’m all for!

I have to admit, the thing is pretty neat. It made mashed potatoes in record time. Granted, there weren’t the lumps I usually like, but… I guess that’s pretty much the point.

Dinner was lump-free mashed potatoes, fresh peas, and grilled salisbury steak-ish burgers covered in mushroom gravy. I had fresh bulb onions that I chopped up and mixed with the beef along with garlic, worcestershire sauce, and salt & pepper, before putting them on the grill. It’s snowing, but the grill area is covered. We do this rain – snow – or shine.

The gravy was mushrooms, more of the bulb onions, brandy, red wine, and beef broth. Simple stuff.

I’m still shaking my head over the potato ricer. Who knew?!? I guess old dogs can learn new tricks. The real question is, will I ever use it, again or will it be an occasional Victor tool that sits downstairs next to the food mill?!?

Only time will tell!