Looking back through pizza posts and it seems like I’m in a rut – while every one of the pizza doughs have been different, they’ve all been topped with pepperoni. Pepperoni really is my favorite pizza topping, followed closely by salami.

While I was a real purist back in my Pirro’s pizza-making days, I’ve gotten older and wiser – well… definitely older – and have had some truly stellar pizzas. Especially in Italy and Sicily. Just about anything goes. But when I’m home making pizza for two? Invariably, it’s pepperoni.

I have to work on this.

Yesterday, I switched up my sourdough recipe a bit to make it a bit drier, with the thought of making bread and pizza, today. Pizza dough and bread dough are inherently different, but I figured I could make it work.

I haven’t finished the bread, yet – but the pizza worked!

It was a really crispy thin crust that had a great chew to it. But while I really really liked it, I think I like my slow-rise 2-day pizza dough, better. The slow-rise just has a more traditional pizza flavor. I guess I’m more of a purist than I think…

The dough recipe is:

  • 600 grams flour
  • 300 grams water
  • 100 grams starter
  • 12 grams salt

Mix dough according to basic sourdough instructions. Take about a third of it for the pizza – the rest for a loaf of bread. Or – make all pizzas or 2 medium-sized loaves of bread.

For the pizza…

Let dough rise overnight.

Place dough ball on a lightly-floured surface and pat into a circle.

Form into a pizza and place on a floured pizza peel.

working quickly, top with sauce…

Then cheese…

And any other toppings you choose.

Bake in a 500°F oven for about 12 minutes – or until crusty, browned, and bubbly.


I will probably just go back to my old pizza dough recipe, but I’m really glad I tried this out. And… It’s more than probable that I’ll make another one one of these days – but topped with something other than pepperoni.

Even stubborn purists have to switch things up once in a while…