Have you ever had one of those meals where you just wanted to keep eating… and eating… and eating…?!?

I had one, tonight.

On the surface it was just ravioli. But the sauce… Oh, the sauce… It was simplicity, but it was sublime in its simplicity. Victor took the last jar of his homemade sauce and added ground beef and pancetta. Simplicity. And utterly delicious.

Over cheese ravioli.

Did I mention simple? And delicious?

Every now and again I eat something that really hits the spot – and this was one of those times. It resonated on every level – it was rich, it was meaty, it was flavorful in an almost unexpected way. The big chunks of pancetta were genius. It just worked.

I ate just a little too much, but it was worth having to change into pants with an expandable waist.

And there’s more sauce left! I’m thinking it’s going to be worked into something fun for Sunday!

Stay tuned…