Victor made an outstanding lasagne yesterday. It was so outstanding, I wanted it for dinner again, tonight!

Lasagne is one of those dishes we don’t make really often because there’s just no way to make a small one. I definitely don’t mind leftovers, but those days of making a pot of something and then eating it all week are far behind me. I want variety in my dotage!

But now and again, one is presented with something that defies the rules – and this lasagne did just that.

Layers of pasta, sauce, ricotta, quattro formaggio, peas, broccoli, pancetta, parmesan blended and baked together into gastronomic heaven on earth.

There are a million ways to make a lasagne – from simple to complex and everything in between. Back in my Pirro’s days, we made an outstanding lasagne in a deep hotel pan, baked it, and then chilled it. For serving, we cut slices and re-baked it in rarebit dish covered in sauce and cheese. Our signature ingredients back then were ground salami, crumbled meatballs, and hard cooked eggs. Delicious, but way too big for home use. I made it once in a half pan and then portioned it and froze it. There was lasagne in the freezer for years until I finally tossed it out.

We shan’t have that problem this time around!

Everything about this worked – from the sauce to the noodles to the blending of flavors and textures. Peas, broccoli, and chunks of pancetta made every bite a pleasure.

And just to make the night complete, Victor made an Apple Cake for dessert. I brought home apples yesterday and dropped a broad hint along the lines of do you think these are enough apples to make an apple cake?!?

There were.

It’s another fun night at our house!