I have been getting seriously spoiled. Victor has been on a cooking spree and I have been sitting back enjoying the fruits of his labor. He’s had a hankerin’ for a few things and I am not about to argue. My philosophy is, if you’re cooking, I’m eating.

I’ve never been a fussy eater – even as a kid. I have my favorites and I have things I’m not crazy about, but I have no food restrictions. As I said – if you’re cooking, I’m eating. I’m sure that a lot of it stems from being one of six kids raised in the ’50s. My mother cooked one meal and we ate what was on the table. We didn’t have unlimited snacking, so when we did sit down to dinner – as a family every night – we were actually hungry. What a concept, eh?!?

All day long I hear mothers talking about how this kid won’t eat this, this kid won’t eat that, how she’s cooking three different meals every night… I just shake my head. The reality is that kids don’t create these scenarios – parents do. Life in ‘burbia … What can I say?!?

But that’s not what I was thinking when I started this… I was thinking that if you’re going to be gracious enough to cook for me, I’m going to be gracious enough to eat! And if you’re cooking stuffed peppers, I’m really going to eat!

There are certain things that just don’t have recipes – and stuffed peppers are one of those things. They’re peppers. You stuff them.

And sometimes you really wing it as you’re making the stuffing.

Victor started off with some cooked rice and some ground beef. Decided he didn’t have enough stuffing, so he added a couple of Italian sausages. Then, since he had boiled them earlier, added hard boiled eggs. And onion, garlic, oregano, S&P… a pinch of chili flakes… breadcrumbs, grated cheese… a bit of tomato paste.

A little of this, a little of that – and into the oven until the peppers are soft.

And he even made garlic bread with the last of the last of the Potato Bread.

An absolutely delicious meal.

Since I didn’t have to cook dinner, I made dessert – a Banana Clafouti. More on that, later…
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