The banishment has been lifted! I’m allowed back in the kitchen!

To celebrate, I made a really simple meal – steaks, mashed potatoes, and peas. And I hardly made any mess. Well… just two pots and two skillets. And spoons and tongs and a potato masher and that sort of stuff. For me, it was hardly any mess, at all – and I didn’t dirty the stove!

I started the steaks on the grill and finished them off in the oven – and then topped them with sauteed onions and mushrooms finished in brandy. The mashed potatoes had lots of cheese in them. The fresh peas just had a bit of butter. One needs to watch one’s calories, after all…

A simple meal in preparation for the Blizzard of ’18 due to start in a few hours. The weather folks are now calling for 3″-5″ at our house. I’m still saying maybe a dusting. They’re hyping it so much I just don’t see it coming inland here. And if I’m wrong – I just hope we don’t lose power. Victor and I can – and have – gone days without electricity. His mom is another story. The thought is too awful to contemplate.

So here’s to a bust of a storm and electricity!